The University of Belize Environmental Research Institute aims to accomplish its mission, and work towards fulfilling its vision through the development and implementation of several programs. The three core programs described below are already being developed and implemented through various funded–projects. Over the next five years the UB ERI will focus its efforts on implementing activities under these programmes and their work areas.

Research & Monitoring


The Research and Monitoring program is one of the main programs of the institute. It focuses on work under three main areas:


  • Research and monitoring guided by the National Environmental and Natural Resource Management Research Agenda, which highlights the most urgent gaps in research knowledge needed to inform management decisions regarding the use of natural resources and to safeguard the environment;


  • Inventories and environmental assessments aimed at cataloguing the country's natural resources and biodiversity, while assessing their status based on key threats or level of use; Biodiversity and environmental monitoring to monitor and track Belize's biodiversity status and health of the environment; 


  • Restoration and rehabilitation focused on the identification of destroyed or degraded natural areas that provide important ecosystem functions and services, in order to develop and pilot feasible restoration or rehabilitation projects.

Training & Fellowships

The Training and Fellowships program is UB ERI's main capacity-building program. It involves the design and implementation of short-term training opportunities aimed at meeting the needs of professionals in the field of natural resources management and the development of long-term training in the form of graduate programs in related fields. Research opportunities for local students and fellowships for resident and visiting researchers are also offered as part of this program to enrich existing programs at the University and enhance the research capacity of the institute. 

Communication & Outreach

The Communication and Outreach program is the Institute's third core program and is aimed at mainstreaming the results of UB ERI's work in order to influence decisions made for the management of the country's natural resources. One of the main components of this program is the translation of research data into user–friendly formats for use by key decision makers involved in the creation of policy and legislation, and the management of natural resources, as well as for use by students, the private sector and public at large. In addition, through this program, the UB ERI produces, updates and disseminates key national reports and coordinates programs, including a national Natural Resource Management research agenda and a national biodiversity monitoring program. A part of communication and outreach involves the private sector in which UB ERI reaches out to the direct users, especially large–scale users, of Belize's natural resources, who impact or have the most potential to impact the sustainability of these resources and the public sector through the UB ERI partnering to assist in the implementation of national plans and policies that support sustainable development.