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Alexander Torres

UB Student Volunteer


Alexander Torres is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in marine biology. From Belize's vibrant Orange Walk District as a dedicated student, I'm completely captivated by the world of marine biology, diving deep into the intricate connections of marine life and ecosystems. Every time I explore, I discover more about the mysterious beauty and fascinating insights they hold. I have a keen passion for marine conservation, a fascination with the mysteries of deep-sea exploration, and a strong commitment to environmental education. Additionally, I am deeply interested in the critical issues of climate change and ocean acidification, aiming to understand their impacts on marine ecosystems and inspire meaningful actions towards their preservation. At this moment, my academic journey centers around my thesis project titled, “Investigating differences in corallite features in the Caribbean thin finger coral, (Porites divaricate), across habitats and genotypes.” With a strong desire to learn, I'm delving into the tiny aspects of coral existence, trying to understand how the coral's surroundings and genetic differences impact their special traits. This thesis is more than just schoolwork; it's a way for me to honor the strength of coral communities. Beyond my academic pursuits, I'm an advocate for sustainable marine practices. I dream of a future where our oceans thrive, where marine life flourishes, and where humans coexist harmoniously with the underwater world. Let's work together to unlock the secrets of the deep and ensure a vibrant, blue future for generations to come.

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