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Jeissen Mattu

UB Student Volunteer


Jeissen Mattu, is from Patchakan Village in the Corozal District. Passionate about marine life, I have an unshakable fascination for sharks and rays. My biggest ambition is to establish my own organization that spotlights the conservation of sharks and rays, aiming to raise awareness about their importance in our delicate ecosystem. Currently, my academic journey is taking an exciting turn. I'm engrossed in my thesis titled "Investigating differences in corallite features in the Caribbean thin finger coral, (Porites divaricate), across various habitats and genotypes." This research not only fuels my curiosity about marine environments but also underscores the need to understand and protect coral reef systems. Looking ahead, I've set my sights on pursuing a master's degree in the vibrant academic landscape of South Korea. My ambition is to delve deeper into marine biology and conservation, integrating diverse perspectives to create a sustainable future for our oceans. Life's a journey, and I'm navigating it with a heart full of love for the ocean and a drive for marine research."

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