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UB ERI Hosts UK Volunteer Database Expert


Ms. Aysha Hamisi, an IT consultant from the United Kingdom is with the ERI staff for a five month volunteer position that begun September 22nd, 2010 and will be completed by the end of February 2011. The main focus of her work during this period is the development of the ERI Publication Repository using Eprints software, which will allow information on all types of research conducted in Belize to be available online to the public through the ERI's website. The development of the publications repository is being done with the help of Monique Woodye, the research database assistant at ERI. This repository will for the first time provide open access to environmental and natural resource management specific research in Belize and will serve as an important clearing house for government agencies, NGO co–managers, students and other NRM professionals in the country. The ERI is very happy to host Ms. Hamisi and is extremely pleased with the excellent work she has been doing. This publications repository should be available online in the New Year, 2011.

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