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Hicatee Conservation Forum and Workshop


The purpose of the workshop was to together members of the scientific community, government officials, NGO’s and civil society to share information regarding the critically endangered hicatee turtle (Dermatemys mawaii). The presentations focused on the legal framework and status of Hicatee in Belize as well as research being done in both Belize and Guatemala.

After much discussions among the stakeholders about actions and measures that could be taken to ensure that Hicatee continues to be a part of our Belizean culture and food resource for future generations; the formation of a Hicatee Conservation and Monitoring Network (HCMN) procured. The purpose of the HCMN is to provide a framework for future sharing of information and the development of conservation actions focusing in the following three areas:science, education and outreach, and legislation and enforcement.

There will be opening spaces for parties who are interested in joining the network and the next meeting of the HCMN will be sometime in January 2011. For more information please contact Dr. Elma Kay of the ERI at UB at

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