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Database Administrator Conducts Database Training

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ERI Database Administrator, Nicole Weatherburne took the role of instructor on Friday 16th September with her involvement in a database training session at the Fisheries Department in Belize City. The database training was centred on the National Coral Reef Monitoring Network's (NCRMN) coral bleaching database. The NCRMN is basically comprised of various organizations with the common goals pertaining to the monitoring of coral reefs, coral reef related training and conservation efforts.

Nicole's session was focused on data entry and report generation, two vital parts that all participating members would need to have knowledge of to maintain an efficient and accurate database system. NCRMN members and participants in the training session included: the Belize Audubon Society, Coastal Zone Management Authority & Institute, ECOMAR, Fisheries Department, Green Reef, Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative, Lisa Carne, Siwa-Ban foundation, Southern Environmental Association, the Environmental Research Institute (University of Belize), The Nature Conservancy, Toledo Institute for Development and Environement, Wildlife Conservation Society, Wildlife Trust and World Wildlife Fund.

The NCRMN Coral Bleaching database is currently online and being hosted on the ERI's website. The ERI will be making revisons to the database's data entry and report generation function based on feedback received at the training session.

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