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UB ERI Conducts Herbarium Plant Specimen Mounting Workshops at the University of Belize


On the dates of November 11th, 15th, and 16th, ERI Botanist, German Lopez delivered several Herbarium Plant Specimen Mounting Workshops at the University of Belize’s Central Campus. The purpose of these trainings was to provide an opportunity for students to develop their practical skills, gain experience in the art of plant mounting, gain understanding of the importance of collecting high quality plant specimens and also to learn basic plant preservation techniques. German’s presentations included listing the importance of the specific equipment used in the herbarium followed by the different steps involved in mounting a specimen. These steps include positioning the specimen on acid free paper to make certain it fits well, gluing the specimen and finally checking and adding finishing touches such as stitching or extra gluing. As a part of the training, students actually completed the mounting of several plant specimens for integration into the collections at the National Herbarium. A total of 28 students from the Biology Program’s “Higher Plants” course taught by Dr. Caroline Herron participated in the workshops.

The post training objective is to get those students with community service commitments to volunteer their newly acquired plant mounting skills to assist in the curation activities currently being conducted at the National Herbarium. Volunteering is already ongoing contributing to Belize’s National Herbarium being fully curated and up to international standards. Well-mounted and preserved specimens represent an invaluable resource for future research and plant discovery as well as to students and others interested in properly identifying plants in their area.

To view Photos of German Presentation click here


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