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Welcoming CCFS Volunteer - Corinne Klein


The ERI is happy to welcome Corinne Klein our new volunteer. She will be at the Calabash Caye Field Station (CCFS) for the next 6 months volunteering as the Research and Education Officer. Corinne will be busy developing our research program and implementing specific projects at the CCFS. Furthermore, as a part of this volunteership, she will be liaising with visiting groups and researchers along with assisting and delivering field courses offered through the University of Belize at the field station.

This isn’t her first time in Belize. In 2005 Corinne was here enrolled in a field course in tropical ecology while working towards her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Bishop’s University in Quebec, Canada. Corinne completed her Master’s of Science in Marine Science from the University of Auckland in New Zealand where her research focused on developing successful marking techniques to quantify larval distribution in snapper. She has a strong background in fieldwork and has been involved in eco-evolutionary research involving guppies in Trinidad and sea turtle conservation projects in Costa Rica and Ghana. Most recently she worked as Principal Investigator for an International NGO in Tanzania where she was responsible for designing and implementing various research projects within Mafia Marine Park as well as continued monitoring of coral reefs in the area. Corinne has been diving since 2007 and is a certified PADI Dive master.

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