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UB ERI Marine Research Fellow Visits CINVESTAV


During the summer break, ERI’s Marine Research Fellow, Dr. Arlenie Perez-Rogers took some time to visit the Centro de Investigacion y Estudios Avanzados (CINVESTAV) in Merida, Mexico. The CINVESTAV is a scientific research center affiliated with the National Polytechnic Institute aiming to contribute to the development of society through scientific research and cutting-edge technology and the training of high-quality human resources.

Dr. Perez-Rogers visited the Marine Research station at Telchac. The CINVESTAV houses a number of igloos for research on various marine organisms and one of particular interest, the sea cucumber.

CINVESTAV’s Principal Investigator for sea cucumber culture, Dr. Miguel Angel Olvera Novoa provided Dr. Perez-Rogers with a guided tour of the facilities and elucidated the efforts, such as feeding, spawning and growth involved in their work with sea cucumbers.

The objectives of the visit were to gain a better understanding of the technology and resources needed for breeding and offspring production of sea cucumbers; to learn from the experience of sea cucumber experts such as Dr. Olvera’s in sea cucumber culturing; to obtain a clear idea of the required financial investment in mari-culture and to initiate possible collaboration efforts.

This experience and the knowledge gained from it will be important as Dr. Perez-Rogers begins the third phase of her research focused on the culturing of sea cucumbers.

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