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UB Students: Master's in Biodiversity and Plants?

Two University of Belize Students, one being our very own UB ERI Student Herbarium Assistant Elizabeth Torres and Sayuri Tzul from Ian Andersons Cave Branch Botanical Garden were fortunate to take part in a Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants course from January 11th-24th, 2015. This was possible by a UB ERI partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh and the University of Edinburgh. This particular course is a Master’s level course that teaches students to identify major savannah and broad leaf plants families and gives students a chance to practice ecological survey methods.

Here’s what Sayuri had to say about the course:

“In these past two weeks I learnt more about our beautiful Rainforest! Just spending a week at Las Cuevas Research Center was truly an amazing experience! There we stared to learn how to look at a plant specimen in order to get to its family classification. We looked at the leaves arrangement simple or compound, alternate or opposite, stipules or no stipules, punctuations, pulvinus, leave margin, glands, latex or sap, smell and the leaves venations. We had so much fun with all the ‘aceae’ in Belize that we ventured into the species level which wasn’t an easy task! But with great minds from all over the world it was accomplished.

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