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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Drums for sorting trash

The University of Belize Environmental Research Institute (UB ERI) has taken steps this year to become more environmentally sustainable through the implementation of a recycling program at both the Calabash Caye Field Station (CCFS) and the Belmopan Office.

The initiative at CCFS stemmed from a trash survey conducted by the Field Station Manager, Nicole Craig, where she looked at the impact of the supplies brought to the island and how the trash was being disposed. Ms. Craig found that in 2015 alone 500 lbs of trash which included plastics, glass, metal and paper accumulated on the island. In the past trash was burned in piles, however, the station has grown considerably over the years and so too, the volume of trash. UB ERI has therefore taken the necessary steps to dispose of its waste using environmentally friendly means.

As part of the recycling program, the station now sorts trash for recycling; separating plastics, metal and glass. The plastic and metal is taken to a local recycling company and the glass bottles and jars are donated to local vendors who sell homemade jams and other products. At the Belmopan Office, staff have placed drums in the office building for trash to be sorted and recycled in a similar manner. Since the start of the program in January, 28.57 lbs of plastic and 19.32 lbs of metal have been transported to the mainland from CCFS.

The UB ERI will continue to develop this recycling program as we work towards our mission to continuously build national scientific capacity for the effective management, sustainable use and conservation of Belize’s natural resources.

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