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Two New Publications from UB ERI's Marine Research Fellow

The University of Belize Environmental Research Institute (UB ERI) would like to proudly share Marine Research Fellow Dr. Arlenie Rogers’ two recent scientific publications in peer reviewed journals.

Her publications are:

1. The 2009-2016 Belize sea cucumber fishery: Resource use patterns, management strategies and socioeconomic impacts published in Regional Studies in Marine Science.

2. Pearlfish Carapus bermudensis from the sea cucumber Holothuria mexicana in Belize (Central America) published in SPC Beche-de-mer Information Bulletin.

Dr. Rogers stated that her research efforts and publications are as a result of rigorous field work, data analysis and scientific literature review. These publications were completed in partnership with Dr. Shirley Baker of the University of Florida, Dr. Jean-Francois Hamel of the Society for the Exploration and Valuing of the Environment and Dr. Annie Mercier of the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Dr. Rogers would like to encourage the University of Belize (UB) faculty and other UB ERI colleagues to continue publishing the results of their research efforts for the benefit of the scientific community, decision-makers and the future of Belize and the world.

She greatly appreciates the encouragement from her colleagues at UB ERI and other marine researchers both in Belize and abroad, as well as the tremendous support from her husband Patrick Rogers.

UB ERI takes this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Rogers and wish her continued success.

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