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Over 40 years combined experience

Senior staff with more than 10 years individual experience

Who we are

The University of Belize Environmental Research (UB ERI) is Belize’s first nationally owned and managed research institute. The institute was established in 2009 with the mission to continuously build national scientific capacity for the effective management, sustainable use and conservation of Belize’s natural resources.

Our Commitment

With the unique combination of expertise available at the Institute, UB ERI is committed to helping organizations achieve long-term sustainability. All consultancies will therefore be offered from a natural resource management perspective.

Our Services

UB ERI offers technical and training consultancy services to NGOs, and public and private organizations in the areas of Ecology for Tour Guides, Strategic Planning, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation, Data Analysis and Management, Organizational Sustainability and Human-Wildlife Conflict Management among others.

Services Provided Include

Ecology for Tour Guides Training

Our concern for maintaining natural resources stems from realizing the tourism economy depends on the quality and care of these resources and the knowledge of tour guides. This training therefore develops the tour guide’s ability carry out effective ecotourism services.

Strategic Planning

As organizations evolve over time a strategic plan needs to be developed to meet new demands and chart the way forward. UB ERI can assist organizations in shaping the actions required to realize their vision.

Organizational Sustainability

In an ever-changing environment, organizations need to become self-reliant. Through our organizational sustainability consultancy services, UB ERI will help organizations to continuously work towards fulfilling their mission using innovative solutions.

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

Conflict will occur within organizations due to different needs and values. Our main goal is to better equip personnel to understand and use core conflict communication skills to resolve issues within and outside their organizations.

Data Analysis and Management

The work of the Institute to date has resulted in 21 peer reviewed scientific publications on wildlife ecology and forestry. UB ERI, therefore possesses the technical know-how to provide data analysis services and guidelines for managing data.

Human-Wildlife Conflict Management

As development occurs contact between human and wildlife will increase. UB ERI, can provide organizations with strategies to reduce conflict between human and wildlife to foster a society in which both can co-exist and flourish.

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