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Felix Bruckmaier

Ecosystem Service Modeler

+501 822 2701


More than anything else, Felix is driven by two passions: curiosity about the world - and the desire to make it a better place. These motivations have not only sparked his interest for a range of subjects, eventually paving the way to an associate degree in philosophy and bachelor’s and master’s of science degrees in environmental engineering - they also propelled him to Nicaragua and Cameroon, where he worked in the area of small-scale biological wastewater treatment/ biogas production and inclusive smallholder irrigation management, respectively. These and similar experiences have sensitized Felix to a tendency that he considers one of the greatest injustices of social-environmental crises: the fact that the groups least responsible for such crises are often the most affected by their impacts. But above all, he realized that while (more or less) merely “transferring” technologies and related expertise may support vulnerable livelihoods to some extent - true justice centers on the perspectives of the people. The position as an ecosystem services modeller at ERI enables Felix to not only pursue his passion for natural sciences and computer simulations, but also to contribute to what he believes is a positive, optimistic approach to climate action - involving, amongst others, participatory adaptation planning and co-developing future community visions. Apart from ecosystem services modelling, Felix is also constantly honing his skills in the field of ecosystem services enjoyment.

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